A Modern Approach

Martial Arts training has evolved incredibly since its early days. Those who participated as kids will remember thousands of repetitions of the same kick, knuckle push-ups, and forced splits! That’s not the only way to learn.

Maybe these methods were effective, but they took too long and could be painful. There is no reason that modern training and sport science can’t be incorporated into martial arts. Some criticize this for not being true to the original methods, Martial Arts are just like any other sport and deserve the ability to advance. Nobody questions boxers for changing from the old ‘double upper cut’ stance, nor hockey players for adding weight and flexibility training to their regiment. Why then do some insist on tradition above reason and improvement? There is a lot of myth surrounding martial arts, but training methods should evolve and improve just like it does in any other sport.

Understanding sport science, how we learn, allows us to achieve more in less time. The other benefit is that with the right approach, Martial Arts can be an excellent cross training tool for any athlete. Parents often comment on how much better their kids are at other sports like Hocky, Dance, Football after training in Taekwondo. Taekwondo demands excellent core strength, powerful legs, quick feet and hands and an increase in coordinate that can help in all sports. A modern approach develops a more complete athlete. CS