The Power of Goals

Setting goals is core to so many of the character traits that make kids excel in sport and in life. Goals are the milestones that we drive towards and give kids a reason to be motivated.

It’s important that children, whether in martial arts like Taekwondo, Karate, Judo or any style, or other sports or activities have something to work towards. The introduction of both short and long term goals helps kids stay focussed and work hard, and not become discouraged by rewards that are further off. When I think back to my university days I remember how far away graduation seemed, but having the goal of good results each semester led to good results after four years.

Importantly as well, the achievement of goals creates a feeling of accomplishment that is a tremendous reward. Chasing goals becomes a positive cycle of effort and reward, effort and reward. Many martial arts help kids with focus and discipline for these very reasons. We have regular promotion tests that give kids the goal of the next belt level while working towards black belts which may seem to be off in the distance.

We always celebrate promotions as well. Kids enjoy it and it reinforces the reward.