Research shows Taekwondo can help kids with ADHD

When I found these articles about Taekwondo and the benefits it can provide to children with ADHD, I was pleasantly surprised. Certainly, over the years of teaching martial arts we’ve met students with ADHD. Parents have noticed significant improvements and have often attributed some of this to the training. I’d long associated Taekwondo with helping focus and discipline, but hadn’t necessarily thought about this in the context ADHD specifically. It makes sense that Taekwondo, with its structured approach, dynamic classes, and demands for focus can help. ADHD affects millions of children and can often persist into adulthood. There are many treatments for ADHD and if conditions can be helped with sport and exercise, this is certainly a positive for parents and children. I won’t attempt to list all the articles, but a quick google search for “Taekwondo and ADHD” will quickly bring up thousands of results. Below are two links.