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It’s not just about breaking boards! Martial arts training is about personal development; physical and mental. Through physical training children learn discipline, respect, leadership and the confidence that comes from achieving goals. Of course, they also learn to break boards!

Epic Martial Arts is the result of many long discussions about training, fitness, and health. We teach WTF style Taekwondo, Cardio Kickboxing and Self-Defense, but we’ve taken modern fitness and exercise knowledge and incorporated this into all our programs.

Our Classes are fun – Our students are Epic.


Taekwondo is the main style we teach at our school. This is a traditional Korean art that has become one of the most widely practiced styles in the world. The word Taekwondo is made up of three parts: ‘Tae’ – which means foot, ‘Kwon’ – meaning fist and ‘Do’ -meaning way, path or method.

One of the things that differentiates Taekwondo is the dynamic nature of the art. It is incredibly fast, with beautiful kicks. It's a great style for physical fitness and especially for kids. Taekwondo was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1998. Our program is structured with a clear path and students progress through the different belt levels, learning new techniques and Patterns (Poomsae). Patterns create physical memory, allow the body to respond naturally, and teach focus and concentration. Taekwondo teaches students to be mentally ready to confront challenge. By training, they gain confidence in their abilities and in themselves.

our team


Master Luke has been training Taekwondo since childhood and teaching for almost 20 years. He has developed programs for children, adults and programs designed for individuals or groups with special needs. Paul integrates traditional Taekwondo with modern approaches to teaching and a dynamic class style. His classes have become incredibly popular and helped thousands of students reach their goals. Paul has taught Taekwondo at schools and travelled internationally to teach and train. He has run equipment donation programs for schools in less fortunate countries.

Master Luke has a 4th degree black belt in TKD and trained under Grand Master Am Lee. He holds a degree in Business Management and Sociology from the University of Winnipeg.


Carlos has trained martial arts since childhood and has black belts in Taekwondo and Hapkido. He spent eight years in Korea where he studied, worked and trained. He obtained his black belt in Hapkido while in Korea, and experienced a full spectrum of training with everything from traditional morning hikes and mountain-top workouts to computerized targets and video training.

Carlos has taught Taekwondo and Hapkido, Cardio Kickboxing classes, Self Defense for Women, and loves the science of training and fitness. Carlos has a BSc. from the University of Winnipeg and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School.

Our philosophy & goals


In tradition we find our roots and in our roots we find strength. Tradition gives us a base on which we can stand firmly and anchor our growth.

Learning and Growth

Using tradition as a base, we develop new answers to new and old questions and thus make our masters proud by repeating their experience.

Scientific Methods

Applying modern methods to training allows us to leverage knowledge from a broad world of sports and fitness. We learn faster buy leveraging the experience around us.

Respect and Discipline

Even in battle one must respect the enemy. The greater the respect one shows for another, the greater the person on becomes.

Physical Growth

As the body is the shell that carries us in this world, the improvement of the body is a fundamental. Better health, better quality of life, we owe this to our families, to our friends, to ourselves, to everyone that cares about us.

Mental Growth and Spirit

Attitude, persistence, discipline, ethics, personality, the spirit is everything about us that is not physical. A strong spirit faces any opponent, overcomes any challenge and provides strength even when the body is weak.

Find the right school for you!

There is an old saying that its better to spend ten years searching for the right school, than to spend ten years training at the wrong one. We encourange students and parents to visit any school you are considering, meet the teachers and see if it's right for you.

At Epic, we've tried to do things differently. We've trained around the world, in schools full of tradition and old school methods. Some were great, others...not so great. But we've learned what optimizes training and we've brought those pricinples to our school. We believe in a fun, vibrant training environment. We also believe Taekwondo is one of the best styles for young students. Come by and check us out.

  • A great Style for Kids and Adults
  • Modern, Scientific Training
  • Kid focussed Taekwondo classes
  • A great facility with viewing area for parents
  • Fun, Dynamic Classes