Taekwondo for Self Defense

I was recently asked whether Taekwondo is a good style for self defense. Like many questions there are several aspects to this and it is not a simple answer.

Taekwondo Cross Training

Martial Arts in general, and Taekwondo specifically, are great for physical conditioning. It seems like when many of us were kids, sport was less organized, less formal, and more play than it has become.

Which Style is Best for my Child?

One of the most common questions that parents ask when considering enrolling their children in a martial arts program is “Which style is best for my child?”

Chamber of Commerce Service Excellence Nomination

Epic recently had the honor of being nominated for an Okotoks Chamber of Commerce Service Excellence Award. From the very first time we drove into Okotoks we knew that we wanted Epic to be a part of this fantastic community.

New Research

Reseach is studying how sports like Taekwondo can help kids with ADHD develop focus, which can help them in all aspects of life. A quick Google search reveals hundreds of articles that specifically discuss the discipline and focus that Taekwondo provides.

The Power of Goals

Setting goals is core to so many of the character traits that make kids excel in sport and in life. Setting goals is core to so many of the character traits that make kids excel in sport and in life. Goals are the milestones that we drive towards and give kids a reason to be motivated.

A Modern Approach

Martial Arts training has evolved incredibly since its early days. Those who participated as kids will remember thousands of repetitions of the same kick, knuckle push-ups, and forced splits! That’s not the only way to learn.


"We have all four of our exuberant boys at Epic Martial Arts and Master Luke has been a great role model and teacher in bringing discipline, focus and healthy movement into their lives."

-Jason B., 2015

"If you're looking for an awesome full body workout in just 45 minutes, check out Epic Martial Arts' Cardio Kickboxing class. Its so much fun you don't notice the killer workout!"

-Sarah C., 2015

"My son has been with Epic since they first opened. Epic TKD offers a flexible schedule of classes that are organized, focused, fun and safe for kids to learn the skill of TKD."

-Leona H., 2015

"My son has attended Epic Martial Arts for the last two years and loves it. The instructors are friendly and very knowledgeable. Our experience with Epic has always been very positive and enjoyable. Epic is a great school for anyone looking to learn Taekwondo."

-Frances B., 2015

"My husband and I looked into many different Martial Arts schools and discovered that Epic Martial Arts is by far the absolute best! The individual attention to the students and the way they incorporate up tempo music to blance training with fun is fantastic. Epic strives to develop their students skills in both Martial Arts and in everyday life by teaching them leadership, respect, focus, motivation and discipline. We highly recommend Epic to all of our friends and family!"

-Lana B., 2015